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Reportedly, in the instant before the gendarmerie opened fire, Mesrine’s eyes were described as being so shocked they seemed to be bursting from his head, as he realized he was trapped. During this incarceration, however, he faced security far better than any he had defeated before. In his escapes from his Canadian prisons, Mesrine had required little more than wire cutters and a very high degree of audacity. One theory is that Lebovici may have been killed by a close associate of Mesrine’s with whom Lebovici may have had an appointment on the day of his death. Mesrine and Besse hijacked a car and evaded the police cordon; they had become the first men to escape from La Santé. Mesrine and Besse robbed a Paris gunsmith four days after their escape from La Santé. By remaining at large in the Paris area, despite his notoriety, Mesrine appeared to be making a fool of the law and the state; the Paris Match interview was the last straw. Despite his position as «French public enemy number one» (l’ennemi public numéro un), Mesrine was featured on the cover of the August 4, 1978, Paris Match.

1 (English title: Mesrine: Public Enemy No. A two-part film, L’instinct de mort (English title: Mesrine: Killer Instinct) and L’ennemi public No. By law, Mesrine could not profit from L’instinct de Mort, but the publishers had received a threatening letter from him in 1979 demanding payment nonetheless. Undercover patrols combed the area and a man fitting Mesrine’s description was spotted walking with a woman believed to be Jeanjacquot on October 31, equipacion arsena 1979. One officer who had seen Mesrine at court confirmed the identification by noting Mesrine’s distinctive build. A report noted that Mesrine had been seen doing exercises in his cell and was behaving like a man who had received good news. The founder of Champ Libre, Gérard Lebovici, was a gifted entrepreneur, influential in the French film industry, and known for his fascination with criminals. A film about Mesrine; Mesrine, was released in 1984. It featured Nicolas Silberg in the title role and was written and directed by André Génovès.

During his contact with Mesrine, Tillier discovered the identity of Mesrine’s accomplice. On May 8, 1978, he produced a gun, stole keys and, with François Besse (a highly accomplished escaper in his own right), and another man, Mesrine got out of a cellblock and into a fenced-off yard walkway. There were suggestions in some media publications that Mesrine may have been shot without warning in a way which amounted to extrajudicial killing, but the police pointed out that he had sworn that he would never surrender and that, as well as having a gun on him, Mesrine had been armed with two grenades which were taped together and adapted so they could be brought into action instantly. These tickets indicated that she had been frequenting a certain district without any obvious cause. The men then reached an isolated part of the 14 metre (46 ft) high exterior wall (which would have presented a considerable challenge without the ladder). Mesrine’s former defense attorney, Maître Malinbaum, continued for 30 years to fight for a judicial investigation into the events surrounding Mesrine’s death at Porte de Clignancourt and to have the French state held accountable for what she saw as the assassination of her client.

Mesrine and Jeanjacquot had reached Porte de Clignancourt on the outskirts of Paris, when the gold BMW they were driving was boxed in at the entrance to an intersection. Jacques Tillier (a former Directorate of Territorial Security policeman) had written disparagingly about Mesrine in the French newspaper Minute but on September 10, 1979, he went, rather incautiously, to a clandestine meeting with Mesrine on the promise of an interview. In the French novel, Les Rivières Pourpres, the protagonist, Niémans, is implicated in Mesrine’s assassination. French police announced that their operation was a success and received congratulations from then President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. The police agencies hunting Mesrine were pressured for results from the highest echelons of government. The usual informants were of little use as Mesrine generally avoided contact with the criminal underworld. Objecting to Mesrine’s proposed kidnapping of a senior judge, and not sharing his desire for revenge against the system, François Besse disassociated with Mesrine and later disappeared.

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